Reviews and Writeups!

Dear Creature got a fantastic review from Kirkus Reviews. They call it “…a beautiful anomaly…” and “…marvelously entertaining and a weird side-door entry into both Shakespeare and graphic literature…”

The reviewer sums it up like this (minor spoiler alert):

“A funny, bizarre, unexpected pleasure that gives a creature from the depths heart and soul as well as a happy ending.”

In the unlikely event that you have a Kirkus Reviews account, head over here to read the whole thing. The review will also be available to the public in the September issue.

Another positive review comes from Publishers Weekly. The hard copy should be out today, but you can also read the web version here.

Startlingly assured for a debut effort, the book is like Grue himself—unclassifiable but oddly charming.

The book also got a great plug over at Giant Fire Breathing Robot:

“Case is talented with both visual art and the written word; his art is some of the best brush pen work around, rich with detail and realism, and his writing, both plot and prose, is brilliant.”

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