About the Book

Deep beneath the waves, a creature named Grue broods. He no longer wants to eat lusty beachgoers, no matter how their hormones call to him. A chorus of crabs urges him to reconsider. After all, people are delicious! But this monster has changed. Grue found Shakespeare’s plays in cola bottles and, through them, a new heart. Now he yearns to join the world above.

When his first attempt ends… poorly, Grue searches for the person who cast the plays into the sea. What he finds is love in the arms of Giulietta—a woman trapped in her own world. When she and Grue meet, Giulietta believes her prayers are answered. But people have gone missing and Giulietta’s nephew is the prime suspect. With his past catching up to him, Grue must decide if becoming a new man means ignoring the monster he was.

Rising from a brine of drive-in pulp and gentle poetry, Dear Creature is the love story you never imagined!

Jonathan Case is an artist/writer, and member of Periscope Studio in Portland, Oregon. He is the creator of Dear Creature for Tor Books, the artist of Green River Killer for Dark Horse Comics, and a featured artist in the Eisner-Award winning Comic Book Tattoo anthology. His other work includes paintings for the Portland-based McMenamins hotels and pubs, and illustrations for companies like Nike, Intel and British Telecom.